Alexander Schmid
Alexander Schmid I am an experienced leader for strategy development and development of solutions in the software industry and in in IT operations. I successfully lead companies, departments and large-scale projects with international teams in the banking, retail, media and the energy sector.

I have developed business cases and strategies for establishing new business areas. As a turnaround manager, I have provided support to companies with regard to the design and development of new products which were then successfully be placed in the market.

I am an advocate of agile methodologies that I introduced and used in large and internationally distributed teams.

In my 20 years working as program manager, consultant and architect I learned that strategy needs execution as much as execution needs strategy to excel. Therefore I combine systems thinking with my experience from the projects I managed to generate sustaining business value for my clients.

Server Component Patterns You might also know me from the book Server Component Patterns, which I coauthored with Markus Völter and Eberhard Wolff. We explained the basic principles and structure of component based systems like EJB or Corba. You can find most of the approaches in other new technolgies like e.g. micro services as the patterns are of course technologie independent.

I am also frequent author of articles and do regular conference talks on topics reaching from Enterprise Architecture, to agile methodologies or digital strategies.I spoke on conferences such as OOP, JAX, JAOO and some very specialized business events.

I live in beautiful Munich, Germany. In my spare time I love to play electric guitar much too loud and do gardening to relax.

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